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Outdoor Solar Powered LED Stone And Slate Disk Lights Set of 4

Outdoor Solar Powered LED Stone And Slate Disk Lights Set of 4

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Outdoor Solar Powered LED Stone And Slate Disk Lights Set of 4

Decorate and protect your home with the Our Lights. Disk Lights are the newest in portable powerful solar powered exterior lighting. You can now decorate your own home without having to pay a fortune!

Adorn your garden with the whimsical touch of this landscape lighting. Powered by the sun, these innovative light stakes will illuminate your yard at night with a bright and powerful LED. 

The light disks are durable and waterproof, made of stainless steel, and tough enough to be run over by a lawnmower! No more spending on expensive lighting that requires wiring; create beautiful cascades of light using the Disk Lights!

The Disk Lights are completely cost-efficient because they utilize light conversion technology that absorbs the sun’s energy in storage cells converting solar power to electricity!


Solar-powered - LED bulbs accumulate and store clean energy during the day to allow 10+ hours of illuminating power at night.

Easy assembly and mounting - Attach the included stakes, and mount Disk Lights on the ground. The four-corner stake maintains stability and eliminates accidental dislodging of product e.g. during lawnmowing or when pets and children are playing around.

On/off switch - Disk Lights can be manually switched off by clicking the switch button located on the underside section of the product.

Moisture proof design -Ensures that Disk Lights remain unaffected even after a heavy downpour. Our product also does not utilize electricity - an added bonus as far as safety and cost-efficiency are concerned.

Super strong - Durable construction for long-term usage. The metal casing is rust-resistant, lightweight, and durable.

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