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Portable Lift Handle Standing Aid No Slip Grip Handicap Bar

Portable Lift Handle Standing Aid No Slip Grip Handicap Bar

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Portable Lift Handle Standing Aid No-Slip Grip Handicap Bar

Our Standing Aid is Perfectly designed to help anyone lift another person and Provide a safe way to assist patients and loved ones when standing up from a sitting position. 

This Standing Aid provides you a handles on each side-a set for the lifter to hold and a set for the person being lifted. This polypropylene plastic device can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Lightweight and portable stand - The ultra-lightweight lift aid is made of sturdy composite material. You can easily carry it anywhere at any time to ask for help to get out of the car or stand up from chairs, benches, church pews, etc

Hygienic and easy to clean- KFF mobility aids eliminate contact between hand and hand, is a safe, sanitary choice for helping patients and loved ones. The standing aids are made of high-quality durable polypropylene plastic that can be cleaned safely.

Easy to clean - This device is made of special materials that are safe to wash, allowing you to safely clean or wipe it with any common household cleaner or industrial cleaning solution.

Portable, lightweight design supports up to 400 lbs. 15" x 11.4" x 1.125".
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