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Smooth Touch Electric Black Can Opener

Smooth Touch Electric Black Can Opener

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Smooth Touch Electric Automatic Black Can Opener

They say Manual can openers and electric can openers leave a dangerously sharp and jagged lid when it cuts into your can, which can seriously hurt you, But with our Can opener you can safely and easily remove lids from your cans and it pops the top off and leaves perfectly smooth edges on the lid and the can. And after it’s open, the lid stays put.

It uses a steel roller driven by powerful gears to break that seal open without cutting into the lid. You’re left with edges that are incredibly smooth.

Our Can opener is so effective you can even reuse lids to seal the can for leftovers! Safety Can Express works on virtually any can, even odd-shaped cans, pop-top cans, and dented cans.

Incredibly Easy to Use Simply place your can so it locks into place, then presses the lever down. It will automatically stay down, making it hands-free! Then, when you're ready to release your can, just pull the lever back into the up position.
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