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Stainless Steel Manual Hand Coffee Grinder Ceramic Burr

Stainless Steel Manual Hand Coffee Grinder Ceramic Burr

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    Stainless Steel Manual Hand Coffee Grinder Ceramic Burr

    The key to a great cup of coffee is to use freshly ground coffee beans and the best coffee maker, Our manual Coffee Grinder comes With a portable size, It is Convenient to use, Enjoy a cup of delicious coffee Anytime anywhere. 

    This manual coffee grinder will make you enjoy routine coffee time anywhere anytime. For coffee lovers who want the freshest cup of coffee without hassle, it is undoubtedly your first and best choice.

    The hand coffee mill with adjustable control helps you get fine or coarse coffee powder, ensures you have precision, and control the coarseness of coffee beans when making French Press, Drip Coffee, Espresso, Turkish Brew, etc.


    Easy to clean - Our coffee grinder can be cleaned by brush or water. Maintaining your coffee grinder can be a difficult job. It depends on which type you are using. This manual coffee grinder is easy to disassemble for cleaning. After washing, please dry it well before reassembling the parts

    Ultra-quiet - The coffee bean grinder mechanism consistently eliminates over 90% of the noise that electric grinders produce. Imagine grinding your favorite coffee quietly in an office cubicle or in your kitchen when your loved ones are fast asleep.

    Convenience and compact - Portable and compact size make it easy to carry around for coffee lovers, this mini manual grinder is great for camping and traveling. Make sure you can drink fresh coffee anywhere along with wonderful sceneries.

    Size of the grinder : 4.7cm X 4.7cm X 13.5cm (1.85 inches X 1.85 inches X 5.3 inches)

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